Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gimme More Lovin'

Did I really just listen to an NPR story lamenting that because the entire economy in Louisiana beyond the oil industry runs on cash that there will be significant difficulty proving their income to collect income replacement from BP?

The story made a play for sympathy. All these poor folks whose lively hood has been trashed in Louisiana by big bad BP's oil spill are going to have such a hard time making ends meet.

Accurate reality: Operating illegally for years on a cash, tax-free basis and in order to do so living beyond the documented, transparent part of the economy, now, in the face of what is admittedly a very serious situation not of their own making, they want to be forgiven for their transgressions of not paying their fair share to support our governments and living beyond their means by spending that portion of their cash which should have gone to the government troughs so that they can just 'declare' a level of income?

I don't think so. No one put a gun to their head and forced them to not declare income for tax purposes. Sleep in the bed you created.

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