Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grumpy Old Man Reprise

Yesterday, Governor Rick Perry (R) declared 19 counties a disaster area in Texas.

As of yet, there is no disaster. How does he know there will be one when potential hurricane Alex lands tonight or in the morning?

Accurate Reality: He doesn't. He only knows that declaring this disaster is a reliable way to siphon money from the Federalies to the State. I lamented this behavior in a post last year and wanted to whinge about it again. When did it become the Federalies responsibility to take care of the financial condition of folks exposed to economic losses due to weather? Why is it legal to tax me, living where there are no such problems and deliver this money to those who chose to live in harm's way? I understand some level of emergency response to keep order and provide for safety - from a State, but, unless the issue is beyond the capacity of a State, the Federalies shouldn't be involved.

Just to get in on the act, at the White House, President Barak Obama declared all of Texas a disaster area this morning.

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