Thursday, March 10, 2011

Damnation of Democrats

Damn the Democrats. Not the progressives, just Damn the Democrats.

All the current policies of Democrats seem designed to muddle markets - deeply. Reduced efficiency and wealth creation reduce the resources available to solve problems with real solutions - rather then those that provide political return, delay progress and seduce citizens to the suckle of the government breast.

Liberty and freedom, specifically, the ability to own one's own output and profit therefrom, ensure an undisturbed right to wealth creation. Right minded citizens band together to ensure liberty and freedom through a government of limited power, one that protects its citizens from theft and confiscation by the rule of law in the land and defense from foreign aggressors, but doesn't engage in confiscatory fiscal practices based on the whim of individuals in government.

Right minded citizens agree to fund such a government.

US society can and does produce plenty of wealth to tax to fund the appropriate role of government - including critical social safety nets and societal growth programs such as foundational education.

US society can never produce enough plenty to support the confiscation and gift programs enabled today.

As the government enters deeply into programs in more areas of our economy, it creates disturbed markets where the actors do not know the truth on resource allocation decisions and must make those decisions in the face of the fiat of government bureaucrats. It is in these highly inefficient and ineffective markets, such as healthcare, housing funding, education, employee government workers and acquiring goods for government programs that as Henry Hazlitt said: "prices must be free to tell the truth."

Daily wealth creation, undisturbed by government whimsy and well intended folly of resource misdirection, by individual citizens allocates time and money to the most productive use if the allocator - the citizen - gets to reap the rewards of the sown.
This is why small businesses create many jobs. The business owner is highly motivated to correctly allocate her time and money to reap rewards. He is heavily penalized for mistakes. Society gets to tax a highly efficient wealth creator. Extolling small business is extolling entrepreneurship.

Democrats can never find enough money for their many confiscatory redistribution programs. When you take the feed from the calf, the cow never fattens. As you do it repeatedly, you never have enough feed.

Political power is the power to shape enduring influences on daily political power.

Wheresoever and whenever Democrats are elected today, they act to further interests who do not create resources in society but exist and feed upon them as parasites - teachers unions, government employee unions, government prerogative recipients, government largess recipients, and the political class and trial lawyers who protect them.

In this, acting in the name of the poor and downtrodden - "those less fortunate in our society" - they pit productive members of society versus "the poor." Through a drumbeat of 'nanny' worldview - these people are too dumb, poor, downtrodden, discriminated against, to take care of themselves without our help - conscience pulling - after all, "a society is measured by how it treats its least advantaged members - rhetoric they engage in effective tactics to move the middle class, the bourgeoisie, to their side.

The Bourgeoisie decide the balance in this political power game by sailing with wealth creators or the poor.

Election of governors and redistricting reform removing institutional control of political power in Democratic hands is real victory and will bring long lasting improvement.

Accurate Reality: US success, especially relative to other nations, stems from a more efficient economy that is better at creating well being for its people. It is enabled by less distributive politics driven by political institutions that confiscate less and redistribute less - limited federal government. Damn the Democrats.

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