Thursday, April 21, 2011

Demagogy - Democratic Version

H. L. Mencken, defined a demagogue as "one who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots."

The DLCC clearly thinks I'm an idiot. They sent me the email text below.

The plan that would "end medicare" is a reasoned alternative to the status quo situation of false cuts redacted each year by Congress. I won't jump into one side or the other, but clear-minded citizens could see both as real alternatives though they might choose differently.

Accurate Reality: There is a real debate to be had on how to and to what level to provide a safety net to seniors. A reasoned discussion is not helped by preying on fear.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

Daniel --

There they go again.

Republicans in Congress just voted to give another trillion dollars in tax breaks for the wealthy - and they're paying for it by tearing down Medicare in a sneak attack against seniors and the disabled.

Even the conservative Wall Street Journal saw right through this latest GOP scheme. Here’s what they say the GOP “budget” is really all about:

“The plan would essentially end Medicare”

Help stop the GOP attacks against society’s most vulnerable – please contribute $10 or more to elect Democratic state legislators today!

What would happen to our seniors if the Republican-passed bill became law?

Medicare as we know it would be abolished, to be replaced by an inadequate voucher scheme.

Seniors will pay $6,400 MORE out-of-pocket. In theory, seniors would get vouchers to buy private insurance, but those vouchers would be too small to cover a full policy. The difference? About $6,400 per year, per senior.

Many seniors would become uninsurable. The same Republicans who just passed this bill also voted to bring back discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions. Forced into private insurance, many seniors will find it impossible to even get coverage.

This isn’t just some right-wing fantasy: The Republican majority in Congress is now on-record saying this is the way they think seniors should be forced to live.

Act now to defeat GOP state legislators who support the national agenda against seniors! Please contribute $10 or more to the DLCC today!

Think about your own family members who already rely on Medicare. Could they afford to pay an extra $6,400 each year just to get basic health care?

Would a private insurance company even accept them (let alone offer a plan they could afford)? Or do they have pre-existing conditions that would make them uninsurable?

What would it mean for tens of millions of struggling families suddenly forced to pay extra for their loved ones’ health care?

America can’t afford to find out.


Michael Sargeant
Executive Director
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

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