Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Government Programs Have Lives of Their Own: Exhibit A

This morning a news source reported that the Pre-existing condition health plans in Georgia, Florida and Alabama changed their rates and eligibility criteria.

In Georgia evidently only 515 people have signed up to the program in the last 8 months, despite estimates that 200,000 could be served by the program.

All three of these states' programs are managed by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Effective July 1, They eliminated the requirement that you be previously turned down by a private insurance firm and reduced rates to 'adjust for market conditions.'

Accurate Reality: This outgrowth of Obamacare is an example of the government moving to fulfill a need that existed in the opinion of experts. Then, when no one shows up to use the program, it is altered to make it more attractive and to put it directly into competition with private health insurers. All this is spending money to let 'experts' inflict their opinion of the needs of Americans upon Americans paid for by money taken from Americans.

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