Thursday, September 20, 2012

BMI and Government Intervention

I listened to an NPR story this morning.  A state health advocate said 48% of the state is Obese -defined as a BMI of 30.  He went on to say that forecasts indicated that 54% would be Obese by 2030.  This was defined as a crisis.  Hmm...6% increase over 18 years.  Sounds like a pretty small increase and not very likely to be forecast able within that kind of margin of error.  

Then he proceeded to say that we could save..wait for it....$22 million dollars over the 18 years if the Government would leap to action and 'encourage' better eating patterns.

According to BMI calculators a 5'10" man who weighs 210 is obese.  Well, he isn't svelte, but you're talking a size 40 pant here, an L shirt.  We're not even in XL territory yet.

I want all of you who advocate for government intervention in this kind of thing to envision the world if the rest of us said yes.  Who decides what is permissible?  Someone is going to decide what you can eat?  How do you enforce it?


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