Friday, August 14, 2015

No Parking Lots and 80% Fewer Cars - Wow!

Can you envision a city where all the real estate devoted to parking is converted to use for people because cars are not parked 20 hours a day?

That sounds like my kind of place.   Walk to the restaurant next door that used to be a parking lot.

McKinsey published a white paper envisioning the world with driverless cars. 

It anticipates the combination of driverless car technology, uber-like ride share, re engineered urban landscapes and changing tastes produce a radical new world.

Imagine 80% fewer cars on the road providing faster, safer transportation and the assets sweat all day instead of sitting in the drive or parking lot.  Reduced traffic deaths, replacement of the ugly-pedestrian unfriendly auto driven urban landscape of roads and parking with human scale development, money savings by more fully utilizing assets.  Sounds great.

But imagine it slowly.  They anticipate that the autonomous controls being introduced today into luxury brands expand, around half of auto sales are autonomous by 2035 and most cars on the road are autonomous by 2050.

It is worth the read.

I think they under estimate the rate of change.  Entrepreneurs will get it here sooner.  Someday soon they will learn to sell to the benefits rather than against the worries. 

Autonomous autos cannot come soon enough for me.  We should stop all investment in trains and replace public transport with autonomous uber.

Accurate Reality:  Autonomous autos have the capability to transform our lives in marvelous ways.   Reductions in deaths, replacement of wasted urban space and transformation of transit, both public and private, along with a dramatically more useful city scape make this a winner.

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