Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Women get 33% More Bachelors - Just Not in Leveraged Fields

2014 Data are out.  Women got 33% more Bachelors degrees than men.   Women got 50% more Maters degrees than men and 7.5% more Ph.Ds than men.

Yet Women have made little progress in choosing to get degrees in the Productive Arts.  Women did get 30% more Biology and related sciences degrees than men; however, they got 38% fewer Physical Sciences, 67% fewer Engineering and 59% fewer Computer Sciences and 12% fewer Business degrees than men.

These are the fields that graduate people that start and contribute to firms with innovation at their core.  Firms with Entrepreneurial Leverage that when scaled produce highly profitable growth.  This is in contrast to entrepreneurs that start SMBs that have little innovation at their core and scale linearly and produce profit and growth that are useful, but not explosive or exponential.

Accurate Reality:  Women are making choices that are not contributing to the optimization of growth in wealth in our society.  We need to encourage them to choose different courses of study. 

HT: Mark Perry

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