Friday, October 21, 2016

4 Things I Want for Election Day - It's a Small Ask

1.  The 10th Amendment Unleashed
I want to see No transfers of Federally raised money to the States - Grants or otherwise.  I support elimination of all programs that the Federal Government want the States to run and pay for.  I want to see No unfunded mandates.  I want the Federal Government back inside the box of what it is authorized to do in the Constitution and I want to see anything that is not there transferred to being done by the States.  I want Federal Taxes reduced commensurate with this action and State taxes increased to match.  No departments of Education, Commerce, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, etc.
2 Checks and Balances:
I want to see the President Constrained to his Constitutional Powers.  I want to see Congress authorize Wars.  I want to see the Courts limit the actions of Government. By limiting what government can do and spend, I want to see corruption reduced.
3. An Unleashed Economy:
"But experience and formal analysis tell us clearly that innovation and productivity happen where there is rule of law, simple and predictable regulation, property rights, reasonable taxation, an open and competitive economy, and decent public infrastructure." - John Cochrane.  We know how.  Let's do it.
 4. A Humble Foreign Policy. 
I want us to pull back on the international stage and push others forward.  I want our bases overseas eliminated.  I want no temptation to interfere in others' business.  I want us to do business with all, but to a greater or lesser extent dependent on how they act.

Inspired by:
Dan Carlin of the Common Sense Podcast.

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